Favorite Tattered Angels and Stencil Technique

I had a hard time trying to pick just one technique or material that I use in my Tattered Angels Projects. I figure over the last 2 years that I have been on the Design Team I have made at least 80 projects…wow! Since this month we are sharing favorites […] Read more »

How can you RESIST Tattered Angels!

Good morning! Here is my last post this month to share different RESIST TECHNIQUES and Tattered Angels. In my last post I shared a Canvas Corp Canvas mini-journal that I’m working on. I want to share another page in this fabric journal. On this page I used a 2 part […] Read more »

Tattered Angels and Kids Crafts!!

I absolutely adore crafting and creating my two little girls.  They know how to use every product and tool in my “studio”. This month on the Tattered Angels Blog we are featuring projects that are “so easy, even kids can do it”. So, I decided to get my girls involved […] Read more »