Here are some helpful tips to help you enjoy this innovative new product!     Happy Creating!
Why are there so many colors of Glimmer Mist?
Glimmer mist is the foundation for the Tattered Angels paint line.  You can use it to create beautiful watercolor affects, along with other painting techniques.  Building color on top of color gives an amazing unique look to every crafting surface.  In order to give every person a wide variety of his or her personal color preference we continue to add to the beautiful color spectrum of Glimmer Mist every year.
What is the best way to protect the surface I am working on?
Before you start you will want to cover your surface with a paint mat. We are working on a new version of the former Tattered Angels Pink Mat, watch for 
details soon! One of our favorite tricks is to spray into a box, which captures all the paint over spray.  If there is an overspray, you will want to wipe the surface as quickly as possible.
The Glimmer is at the bottom of the bottle, what is the best way to shake my Glimmer Mist?
The bottle should always remain upright and then shake it side to side and around in circles.  Avoid flipping or turning it upside down, keeping all that great glitter in the bottle and not clogged in the sprayer. CLICK HERE FOR A SHAKE YOUR GLIMMER VIDEO.
Is there a way to speed up the drying process?
Absolutely, we always have our heat gun handy and dry the surface.
Why do some of the colors look different in the bottle than the finished mist?
Each paint color is created with a unique recipe and we are always surprised with what fills the bottle and what the finished product looks like.  We include an actual color swatch on every bottle of paint with each paint batch that is created.  This swatch shows the color you will achieve when spraying on a white surface and a medium coat of paint is applied.
I purchased the same color of paint and it is different than the one I have.
Each batch does come out slightly different, while we have high standards and recipes that we follow each batch is made by hand and a few factors such as: dye lots from raw materials, blended dyes from the manufactures come in differently.  Dyes tend to get ground down differently, some thicker than others, by the manufacturer and therefore pull a stronger color. We include a color swatch on every bottle of Tattered Angels paint. Color swatches are made with every paint batch made so that you know the exact color you are getting in that bottle.
What can I do if the sprayer gets clogged?
To clear out the sprayer – take off sprayer top, rinse it out with water, put canned air (without the spray straw) directly on sprayer opening. Apply canned air in short spurts 1-3 times until clear.To prevent it getting clogged –
1. Make sure you shake all the bottles of Glimmer Mist (side-to-side or in circles) really well before you spray it. The Glimmer part settles as the bottom and if the bottle isn’t shaken really well the sprayer will suck up too much glimmer for the sprayer to handle.2. Make sure you push all the way down on the sprayer while misting.  Glimmer can get stuck behind the cap if you do not use force to push the glitter out every time you spray.
How can I create a fine even mist onto my project?
Push the sprayer down quickly and move it across the surface of your project like you’re applying hairspray. You want to keep your hand moving quickly and evenly across your project. Bear in mind the nature of the product is that it may take you several tries to get a completely even spray pattern. To increase the density of color, add several layers of mist.  Practice spray before you do your final project.
How do I get rid of the dots when I spray? aka: Dreaded Dots!
To help you achieve a uniform mist with out a random dot splashing you would begin to spray off to the side of your project. Making sure you are pushing the sprayer down completely and moving your hand from left to right while creating a misting motion. It’s crucial that you push all the way down on the sprayers in a uniform fashion.  The initial spray will carry the dots and drop to the side of your desired crafting surface.1. One issue might be that the hole is being covered when you spray, make sure your finger remains on top of the sprayer and that nothing is blocking the opening.  When the Glimmer Mist disburses it will hit your finger or other object and dribble back down onto the rim of the sprayer. The next time you shake it or tip it, it will dribble out. If your finger is pulled back the Glimmer Mist will spray out in the pattern it was intended to and it won’t go back onto the cap.
How can I get a more artsy/splotchy look?
To achieve the splotchy look, push the sprayer down halfway while aiming at your project. Don’t move the sprayer too much or too fast.Note:  when spraying in half pumps or quick bursts it is recommended that you spray out your sprayer, when done, with a few full hard pumps. This will keep your sprayers in good condition and free the cap of any glitter that may have become lodged behind the sprayer.
What can I do to stop the paper from curling?
Glimmer Mist is a water-based spray that can make lightweight mediums (like tags and paper) curl as it dries. There are a number of ways you can correct this:
1. Make sure that the misted surface is laying flat to dry.2. Use a heat tool on both sides of your paper, bring paper to a lightly damp stage and place in a book or a heavy flat surface on it to finish the drying stage.3. Iron your paper
Can I mix paint colors in the same line and across the different paint types?
Of course, all the Tattered Angels paints work great together. Glimmer Mist, Chalkboard, Simply Sheer and Baseboard are perfect mix and match paints with or without glimmer.  Glaze and Glam act as a resist and is perfect to apply before you apply your mists and that section will not be covered.  Glam is the perfect topcoat to add a bit of chunky glitter or a lot, you decide.
How can I keep part of my project from being misted?
Tape off the section you do not want misted and allow it to stay covered until the misted area is dry
Will Glimmer Mist stain my hands and/or clothes?
Glimmer Mist will wash out, but the glaze mediums will not! As with any arts and crafts project, messes happen. Glimmer Mist will come out of your clothes in almost all circumstances. It may take a couple of washings so make sure you check before you put it in the dryer. Glimmer Mist on your hands comes off best with shampoo; so once you’re out of the shower it should be gone! It will also come off with several washings from soap.  Red and Blue tends to stick around the longest. Be sure to keep all paints away from carpets or rugs. They are made to hold color in and not release it, even when using soaps.
Will Glimmer Glaze or Glimmer Glam stain my hands and/or clothes?
Both of these mediums will not wash out of clothes, so we suggest wearing an apron or clothes that you are ok to glimmer up with a little Glaze or Glam when your are designing.  It will wash off of your hands.  Good to wash off when the mediums are wet as they will come off must easier.
Will Glimmer Mist fade in the sun?
Yes! Glimmer Mist will fade if left in the sun. You may be able to resist fading if you use a UV protective coating over your project.
Is Glimmer Mist water resistant?
No, Glimmer Mist is water based and does not use pigment dye. Therefore, it will run if exposed to moisture. If you’re planning on using Glimmer Mist in a humid environment (bathroom decor, for example) put a protective coating over it
My stamped images get blurry after being sprayed
There are two ways to use Glimmer Mist with stamped images. If you’re using archival ink, you can spray Glimmer Mist on top of your stamped image and it won’t run. If you use a waterbased ink, such as Distress Inks, spray the Glimmer Mist first and stamp your image when it’s dry.
Do you offer paint in both 1oz and 2oz. bottles?
We offer all colors in 2oz. bottles and 1oz is available in our assorted kits and also for special events, kits and classes, for more information contact your sales person or give us a call 866.376.9961.
Where are the paints manufactured?
All of our paints are manufactured in the USA in our Springdale, Arkansas facility.  The bottles, sprayers and raw materials are also produced in the USA as well.  We work hard to maintain using as many USA materials as possible.
My store/organization is hosting a special event/fundraiser. Does Tattered Angels donate product for such occasions?
We greatly appreciate your interest in wanting to include Tattered Angels products in your special functions and fundraisers. Please contact us with your request; We wish you the best of luck in your event.