Triadic colours and some Art Journaling too…

I have two projects to share with you today, one art journaling page and one layout. I used complementary colours for the layout I posted in the beginning of this month – a green background with details in the complementary colour red. This time I went for a green background […] Read more »

They could not RESIST each other…

Hi everyone, it’s Anna here with a couple of art journal pages and a layout, all using resist techniques. For my layout, I choose the easiest way of them all to create a beautiful resist effect – using a precoated resist paper.   The photo is from my little brother’s […] Read more »

…..could you ‘Resist’ some fab and fun Misting with the kids?????? :)

Hello Hello Are you loving all of the fabulous Resist and Mist inspiration bought to you by the Design Team so Far??? Today I would like to begin with sharing some fabulous misty creativity by a special creative little girl called Phoebe, who is 9 years old. I think you […] Read more »

Tattered Angels and Background Art Papers

Spring has sprung and color is everywhere you look. When I’m asked what it is about Tattered Angels paint mediums that excites me it comes down COLOR. I don’t see these products as an after thought to mist here and there but as a way to create beautiful background papers. […] Read more »

Finding Inspiration From Fabulous Designers

I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of Designers on the 2011 Tattered Angels Design Team.  I often find loads of inspiration from their color choices, blending techniques, and projects. I chose to create three projects that were inspired by […] Read more »

Masks on!

Hi, here I am again with some more Tattered Angels inspirations for you! Take a cup of tea or coffee and have a sit:) This month we are focusing on my favorite scrapbooking and mixedmedia tool – masks and screens! There are so many possibilies to use them, and the […] Read more »

Art journaling

Hello everybody, today it’s my turn to share some art journal pages with you. Although I don’t work in my art journal on a regular basis I really enjoy doing it! What I love most about it is that I can’t do anything wrong. After all, an art journal is […] Read more »

Darker Art Journals plus a Happily Ever After layout

Hi everyone, JJ here.   When we were challenged to show some of our art journal pages this month, I was a little worried about what I would post.  My art journals are used as a way to work through things, either techniques (so it looks like random messes on the […] Read more »