Glimmer Mist, the original spray mist paint and the first product in the Tattered Angels collection. Delivering a beautiful translucent mist of paint with a touch of glimmer. Available in a wide range of colors, each developed with a unique recipe of color and glimmer to create amazing results.
Available in 2oz clear bottles, each featuring the exact color on the front of each bottle. Eco-friendly, this odorless, water-soluble paint is made in the USA. For best results shake before making the first spray. Air dry or using a heat gun to speed up the process.
Each color stands beautifully alone, but when blended with a collection of colors the results can be breathtaking.  For a light, all over misted application, hold Glimmer Mist away from your project and spray, “committing to the mist.” For more coverage, hold Glimmer Mist closer to your project  while spraying, moving very little until you get the coverage you are looking for. Glimmer Mist applications are limited only by your creativity.  Just a touch of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist can make all of your projects shine.