The need for an semi-opaque paint became very apparent with the original Marshmallow Glimmer Mist, which is now the top seller in our Chalkboard. Marshmallow became so popular we decided to create a whole line of this creamy semi-opaque paint. Currently you would now know Marshmallow as the color Chalk in the Chalkboard line. The same beautiful Glimmer as Glimmer Mist, yet the base will give you a semi-opaque finish with tremendous depth of color. Available in a clear bottle with the color swatch featured on the back, for perfect matching.
Blends nicely with the Original Glimmer Mist line and creates a since of debth when mixing them together. Chalkboard is a paint medium that will give a variety of finishes and techniques. 
The more even the application the more even coverage and depth of color. Air dry or using a heat gun to speed up the process. Chalkboard is water-soluble, odorless and made in the USA