A Tattered Angels Valentine Canvas

Happy New Year!  This month the Tattered Angels Team will be featuring projects created with “Love” in mind, along with fabric and lace.  I must admit I am a hopeless romantic.  So, I just adore creating projects with romance and love in mind. I created what is soon becoming one […] Read more »

Christmas canvas- home decor

Hello ladies! It’s Evgenia Petzer today with you. We moved into our own house just about 2 years ago, so since that I am crazy about christmas decorations. Evrey year I buy something and every year I make something myself, so this year I decided to start with a little […] Read more »

Holidays bring Family Memories ~ Tattered Angels Style

The Holidays are drawing near (or Holly-Days as I like to call them! lol) It brings to mind so many fun times playing board games at my Grandma Theresa’s, learning how to make her favorite recipes, drinking holiday drinks such as as eggnog, and trying to organize our house to […] Read more »

Happy Spooky Halloween!

I simply adore Halloween, because I love to dress up and pretend to be something enchanting! How fun for the kids…and adults too. This year I used some of my saved Tattered Angels Chip Tiles in the Halloween theme. ***adore*** them! I thought I would make a little window banner […] Read more »