Ok ok…we were asked so many times to please offer Glimmer Mist without the glimmer, those of us with boys, men or just don’t want glimmer are just begging and guess what, Simply Sheer is finally here. Simply Sheer is Glimmer Mist without the Glimmer!! We thought the name Plain Jane was so appropriate. This long-awaited spin off still has the quick and easy spray that delivers a fine mist of color to make all of your projects come alive with color. The exact same formula and Glimmer Mist, they mix and match perfectly and the same techniques apply.
Made along side Glimmer Mist, we promise to not let any glimmer sneak into these bottles. Choose your favorite color or blend a selection of your favorite colors to create your own look.
For a light, all over misted application, hold Simply Sheer away from your project and spray, “committing to the mist.” For more coverage, hold Simply Sheer closer to your project while spraying, moving very little until you get the coverage you are looking for.