Glimmer Mist is designed to give you a translucent glimmer effect.  The more coverage you give the more depth of color you will get.
Before you spray you will want to practice the shaking technique to get the most of that great glimmer and glitter in each spray. Hold the bottle straight up and shake side to side multiple times. You want to avoid flipping the bottle or turning the bottle over as much as possible. For a demonstration of the best way to shake up your Glimmer Mist paints: (CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO)
For a light, evenly misted look hold Glimmer Mist away from your project, and spray, such as you would when applying hairspray.
For a thicker, raindrop application hold Glimmer Mist closer to your project while spraying.
Doing quick, half pump sprays will give you the dotted effect however can back up the glimmer in the sprayer cap causing clogging.
To achieve an even smooth finish add glimmer mist to paper surface. Apply a paper towel evenly over sprayed surface and remove extra Glimmer Mist by rolling a brayer over the paper towel.
For a pooling effect, which gives intense color, spray Glimmer Mist very closely and directly on your project.
You can let Glimmer Mist air dry or use a heating tool to speed up the drying process.
Please note that while Glimmer Mist is attractive when just using one color, layering multiple colors also adds a beautiful richness to your projects. (CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO)
Glimmer Mist is perfect on fabric, but is water based and is not designed for apparel projects that will be washed.
When spraying on paper, it may curl, secure down with heavy objects to allow the finished project to dry flat.
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Apply to chipboard or other thick papers – they handle the water base paint amazingly well allowing you to try a wide range of Glimmer Mist painting techniques. (CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO)
Apply mist to papers with dark ink prints or resist to create one of kind papers
Spray onto unfinished wood – dries instantly, try mixing colors to create a wide range of faux finish looks. (CLICK FOR VIDEO)
Placing a light mist across the misting mat or slick surface. Using any stamp, acrylic or rubber, apply ink just like you would an ink pad and stamp onto your desired location. This may take a few attempts to get the perfect stamped image. Detailed images will be more difficult.
Place a mask onto any medium and spray, the masked area will remain the original medium and the rest will be misted
Spray generously on light weight paper such as printer paper and crumple to get a fun texture or foil appearance.
Spray on a slick surface such as acrylic, metal or glass – for best results allow time to dry or set with a heat gun.
Mist generously onto slick surface and allow to dry creating a dotted rain effect.
Spray onto any printed sticker or chipboard sticker to add your own touch of shimmer. Apply a light spray for a touch of shipper or apply many coats to get a metal look.
Change the color or create your own color silk or fabric flowers by applying one or more colors of paint.
Mist onto lace, ribbon, twill and fabrics to create your very own custom colors, don’t forget it will was out!