Designed to be painted onto your projects with the paint brush included, similar to nail polish, this semi-opaque paint offers a nice sheen.
Shake the bottle side to side vigorously to allow fine glimmer to belm evenly within the bottle.
For more coverage and a deeper color tone, apply multiple coats creating a sealed glazed coating.
Add Glaze to the perfect resist to any area.
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Use Glimmer Glam with masks over patterned paper designs, leaving an opaque sheen paint
Create a pattern or random effect on any surface, allow to dry and then mist with any Glimmer Mist paint to create an opaque and sheer paint combination.
Create your own solid glimmer letters by applying to any alphabet sticker, die cut alphabets or chipboard alphabets.
After Glaze has dried, apply any Glimmer Mist paints and watch how the Glaze will resist the Glimmer Mist.
Apply Glimmer Glaze to an ink applicator sponge or make up sponge. In a dragging or circular fashion, apply to desired are.
Apply multiple colors of Glimmer Glaze to a project using a larger paint brush than the one provided. Using a dense make up sponge, blend colors of Glaze together creating an array of rich colors.
Applying Glaze to the edge of a torn paper adds a tarnished edging.
Canvas edges can be frayed, to stop fraying add a generous amount of Glimmer Glaze to the edges of any canvas or material.