Glam has a VERY fast dry time!
  Works well as a sealant to an project.
  Be sure to keep the lid on the bottle when not in use!  If you get Glam on your clothes….Make sure you like the color, it does not come out.
  Glimmer Glam is the perfect topcoat for all Glimmer Mist paint products allowing you to add more depth of color and a chunky glitter effect.
  To get just a glitter coating with no color added to your project try one of the clear coats such as Chandelier.
  You might test the coverage on a scrap piece so you can see the final color and amount of glitter you will achieve.
  The Glimmer Glam jar was designed for use with most paint brush sizes and styles that work best for your project. After each use be sure to replace the lid. Spilling Glam is so sad.
  To achieve an even coat of glitter use a fan brush glitter is heavy and will sink to the bottom of the bottle quickly. The fan brush also works well to stir up the glitter while in use.
  Fan Brushes come in many sizes and thicknesses. To coat a larger area shake Glam well and pour on to a misting mat, slick surface or paper plate. Note: foam brushes don’t work well because the glitter gets stuck in the foam.
  Before you start you will want to mix up the glitter into the paint, one trick is to turn the bottle upside down for a few minutes and let gravity move some of that glitter into the paint. Then open the top and finish stirring the paint completely. The better the stir the more consistent the coverage of glitter.
  For a top coat effect: apply with a paint brush to the top of any Glimmer Mist paint or other water base paint, adding a bit of color and chunky glitter. The more coats the more glitter coverage you will achieve.
  For a resist effect: start by painting or applying Glam to any surface in the desired areas you do not wish for the glimmer mist to adhere. Apply the number of coats to achieve the coverage you are looking for. The thinner you apply the Glam the less resist you will achieve. Allow the paint to dry, and then apply any Glimmer Mist paint misting techniques. 
  You can let Glimmer Glam air dry or use a heating tool to speed up the drying process 
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Use Glimmer Glam with masks over patterned paper designs, leaving the glitter in the sections painted. Or keep going and spray a Glimmer Mist paint on top of the glam and printed paper to create your own work of art.
  Create a pattern or random effect on any surface, allow to dry and then mist with any Glimmer Mist paint to create a combo glimmer and glitter look.
  Add glitter and a hint of color to stickers, chipboard pieces, etc.
  Create your own glitter letters by applying to any alphabet sticker, die cut alphabets or chipboard alphabets.
  Apply Glimmer Mist Glam to fabric to add glitter to any project