Steampunk heart

Hello again! At Tattered laboratory we are continuing with making some Valentine’s projects and most of them are made out of lace and fabric to get ito the romantic mood. But we know that some of you need also a different project in case you don’t like the sweetmess of […] Read more »

Another kind of love

Well, yes we are talking about LOVE this month..but  I guess my project is about a different kind of love. A love and passion for creating art.    I created this piece on a flat canvas using a stencil that  I  Cut using my AccuCut machine and die, and cutting from […] Read more »

A Tattered Angels Valentine Canvas

Happy New Year!  This month the Tattered Angels Team will be featuring projects created with “Love” in mind, along with fabric and lace.  I must admit I am a hopeless romantic.  So, I just adore creating projects with romance and love in mind. I created what is soon becoming one […] Read more »

A Glimpse Into the Studio of a Tattered Angel

This month on the Tattered Angels blog we are featuring a glimpse into the life and studio of a Tattered Angel!  I for one, just adore being on the Tattered Angels Design Team.  There’s nothing like mixing, misting, painting, and stamping with my favorite Tattered Angels paint colors.  Lucky for […] Read more »

Happy Spooky Halloween!

I simply adore Halloween, because I love to dress up and pretend to be something enchanting! How fun for the kids…and adults too. This year I used some of my saved Tattered Angels Chip Tiles in the Halloween theme. ***adore*** them! I thought I would make a little window banner […] Read more »