Fun with fabric…

Hello! My project for today is a layout made with a background covered entirely in fabric. I used a thin, white, cotton fabric that I attached to a sheet of cardstock using my sewing machine. I added wrinkles as I was stitching. I then painted the fabric with gesso. I didn’t cover everything, but left some fabric unpainted too. When the gesso was dry, I misted the background using Glimmer Mists Blarney and Key Lime Pie, and Chaklboard Mists Teal High Heal and Seven Seas.

I cut a heart out of cardstock and covered it with cheese cloth, again using the sewing machine. I then misted the heart with Glimmer Mists Pink Poodle and Cupid.

I painted the lace with gesso and when it was dry I coloured it with the yellow Glimmer Mist Sun Sisters. I painted the letter stickers with Glimmer Glaze Icicle and I covered my photo and then splattered Glimmer Glam Tide Pool over everything.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!


A Tattered Angels Valentine Canvas

Happy New Year!  This month the Tattered Angels Team will be featuring projects created with “Love” in mind, along with fabric and lace.  I must admit I am a hopeless romantic.  So, I just adore creating projects with romance and love in mind.

I created what is soon becoming one of my favorite projects.  It’s a wooden 10 x 10″ canvas that I layered and misted in the following colors of Tattered Angels paints: Plain Jane Baseboard – Red Rocks, Plain Jane Simply Sheer Rosey, Glimmer Mist Clam Bake, Glimmer Mist Juneberry Wine, Glimmer Mist, Cranberry Zing, Glimmer Mist Tuscan Sun, Glimmer Mist Mel’s Diner, Glimmer Mist Blackberry Cordial, Glimmer Mist Chalkboard Priority, Glimmer Mist Chalkboard French Vanilla, Glimmer Mist Chalkboard Polka Dot Pink, Glimmer Mist Chalkboard Decadence.


I just love how the wood soaks up the color and leaves the glimmer floating on top of the wood canvas.  It dries beautifully.  I painted the wooden letters by Bo Bunny with Caspian Sea Glimmer Glam and also painted the 7Gypsies Washi Tape as well.  Then stamped the tag before adhering the letters, and using liquid adhesive to adhere the layers of ribbon.

I stamped the Canvas Corp. Canvas Heart with a stamp called Quatrafoil by Jillian Vance, then used a black marker to create faux stitching around the edges.  I dragged the canvas edges through Purple Passion Glimmer Glaze.  Then added some rhinestones on the corner.

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Hello Hello :)

Today I would like to share with you some projects that I have used the fabulous range of Tattered Angels paints on other than a layout :) I was inspired to share these after seeing the fabulous Vicki Chrisman’s post >>> HERE :) :) :)

You are probably thinking that all I create is layouts LOL :) ;)

First up is some very simple ‘mail art’ I do love to use organic elements on my projects, and on this envelope I have used a dried flower and some small dried leaves. I have used some Glimmer mist to colour the flower and create the look of a stem for it.

This next project is an altered book. I have first covered the book with calico, then added a layer of tulle over this and then on the cover a strip of lace. I have applied a layer of gesso over all of this and then added color with the fabulous Chalkboard glimmer mists.

And lastly are some christmas decorations and home decor items that I altered using chalkboard glimmer mist and Glimmer Glam. The decorations are plastic and metal, and the candle holder is glass. Tattered Angels paints are so awesomely versatile, I cant think of a surface that cant be made over with the awesome range of Tattered Angels paints!!! :)

I am almost embarrassed to share a pic of my creative space, after looking at all of the awesome spaces of the design team, but here it is :) :) :)

Well that is it for me, thank you muchly and I do hope you have had a most wonderful Festive break! Happy and Safe New Years to you all!

Louise :) :) :)

A Tattered Canvas Christmas Stocking

This month we are full of studio peeks and gift giving ideas on the Tattered Angels blog!  I have another Christmas Stocking to show you.  Canvas Corp makes these fabulous stockings in two shapes and sizes.  This one is larger and has such a fun shape! Mist, paint and glam it up anyway you like.  I am seriously addicted to these Canvas Christmas Stockings!


Supplies ~ Canvas Corp Large Stocking Jester (13.5″ x 17″); Tattered Angels ~ Teal High Heel Chalkboard Glimmer Mist, Caspian Sea Glimmer Glam, Turquoise Blue Glimmer Mist, Mallard Glimmer Mist.; Theresa Collins Flower, Ribbon, Bo Bunny Stick Pins, Inkadinkado – Fleur De Lis Stamp, Silver Paint.


Begin by misting Chalkboard Mist on the bottom third part of the stocking, then misting Mallard in the middle and Turquoise Blue on the top third of the stocking.    Very lightly mist turquoise on the folded top.  Allow to dry.  Paint silver paint with the foam brush onto the stamp and stamp randomly onto the stocking.  Allow to dry.

Mist the flower and then paint on glimmer glam.  Tie the ribbon around the top of the stocking.  Secure the flower with two stick pins.

That’s all there is to it!!  Super quick but lots of fun to create!

Thanks for taking a look!  I wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holly-Days!



One of my fave techniques and some of my fave layouts with Chalkboard glimmer mist…..

Hello Hello :)

Today I would like to share with you one of my favourite techniques using one of my all time fave products Chalkboard glimmer mist.

I call it my ‘drench technique’! Basically I have drenched my layout backgrounds with several misted applications of the chalkboard mist. This was after applying watered down gesso to create a white resist pattern to provide visual interest.

To ensure an intensity of color, the mist is dried immediately with a heat gun.

Below are pictured 2 simple examples of this technique that i had created earlier this year.

From these close up pictures you can see that I have also colored the chipboard embellishment and alphas using glimmer mist Extra splashes of gold have been added to the background using the same glimmer mist.

Extra pops of colour were added to this background using a deeper coordinated color of chalkboard glimmer mist. These were added whilst the background mist was partially dry and then dried using a heat gun.

With this last example I have used three different shades of the chalkboard glimmer mist to create a vibrant color gradient, something just a little different from the above 2 layouts.

I do hope you have enjoyed my favourite ‘drench’ technique :). I will be back later in the month to share another favourite product/technique and may be a picture or 2 of my creative space. :)

Cheers and Happy Misting,

Louise :) :) :)

Favorite Tattered Angels and Stencil Technique

I had a hard time trying to pick just one technique or material that I use in my Tattered Angels Projects. I figure over the last 2 years that I have been on the Design Team I have made at least 80 projects…wow! Since this month we are sharing favorites and the places we create I narrowed it down to my absolute favorite.

I love stencils and to create my own backgrounds with Tattered Angels paint products. I have done several posts about this but here is a quick look at what I do to create them.

I love using Strathmore watercolor paper because it absorbs Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and Chalkboard Mist so beautifully, and with the texture of the paper the glimmer really pops once the paper is dry,

I then grab my stencil collection and assorted colors of Mist & Chalkboard…don’t think too much about colors…grab your favorites! I prefer The Crafter’s Workshop stencils…they just are perfect! By the way I do embrace Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s motto…

Start by creating a background with 3 or 4 Tattered Angels colors…no stencils yet. Let dry thoroughly {I usually allow them to dry overnight}. Grab your favorite stencils to start creating the second layer of colors. Adding different colors and shapes to your plain background.

Here are 4 papers that I just finished. I don’t worry too much about the designbecause I know that I will be cutting them up for various projects.

To give you an example I used my Vagabond and Sizzix Dies to create various tags that I’m going to finish decorating for Christmas gifts. I then cut some shapes from various Spellbinders Nestabilities dies. The remaining paper will just wait for the perfect project to come along.

I’m going to share one small corner of my studio…right now it is the cleanest but I will be back to share the entire studio later this month. This is my Vagabond cutting station…I love that it stands all alone,  has it’s own dedicated plug and I can use it at anytime! Everything is at my fingertips and there is a separate spot for my dies, embossing folders and accessories.

Have a great week! Hope  all your holiday plans are coming together! I will be back on the 22nd to share the rest of my studio with you.

My favorite style

Hi everyone ;-)

Today, I would like to share my favorite style with Tattered Angels!

I love using  modeling paste, stamps,  and mists  together , as below.

 This is a cover page.


Here are innner pages.

 This album consists of  cardstock papers, plain canvas sheets, resits canvas sheets,  and plastic sleeves.

Especially, canvas has textures with the warmth, so I love it. 

I attached some patern papers and pics to the canvas, hang down the mist.

Dried well, applied  modeling paste and stamps.

It is important  to shift to the next work, after drying exactly for every each process.





Tattered Leather


 I hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

What a wonderful world

Hi !

Do you have any favorites products from Tattered Angels ? Or a favorite color ?

I love all the products from Tattered Angels, but I find it easiest to use the Glimmermist. And when it come to favorite colors – I didn’t think I had one. But then I took a look at my glimmermist bottles and saw that I was almost empty in Yellow. I really do use a lot of yellow glimmermist :)

Here’s a new layout I have made for today – using Yellow Glimmermist. (the color is called Sun Sisters and Summerglow)

I have also used some Beetle Black glimmermist to create the spots.

I really do love glimmermist, and glimmerglam…and plain jane…and chalkboard..and….

Ok – I’m and Tattered Angel addict :) Love ALL their products!


and look at these beautiful colors!  Don’t you just want to grab one and get creative ??

Well, hope you liked my layout ! See you soon !


Lene Neby

A Glimpse Into the Studio of a Tattered Angel

This month on the Tattered Angels blog we are featuring a glimpse into the life and studio of a Tattered Angel!  I for one, just adore being on the Tattered Angels Design Team.  There’s nothing like mixing, misting, painting, and stamping with my favorite Tattered Angels paint colors.  Lucky for me I’ve gathered quite a collection of their paint products.  So today, I let you take a peek inside my art studio and show you how I store my Tattered Angels products!

Here are a few pictures of my art studio….

I live in a Bungalow style house that was built in 1920.  I painted the walls a light shade of turquoise blue.  Then stumbled upon a sale at my local library and purchased the old drafting table you see here and some other metal drawers.

I love the red leather baskets under the table.  They are full of mixed media objects that I am going to alter some day!

Here are an old set of large metal drawers (library sale items) that are full of stamps, pens, markers, and art work in process.  I purchased the large chrome shelves from a discount store.  They hold all my fabric drawers full of die templates, stencils and stamps.  One the top shelf is some of my favorite pieces of artwork I have created with Tattered Angels paint products.  You can also see some of my favorite Tattered Angels scrapbook layouts on the wall.

Did you notice the old library card drawers on the shelves?

That’s where I keep my Tattered Angels paints!!

I love that I can pull a library drawer full of Tattered Angel paint products down and use them on my project.  They are so easy to put back in place.

More storage shelves, and a special place for my two little girls.  We love to craft together and the old school desks really go with the rest of the room, and the old house.

Here’s a quick New Year’s tag for you using my favorite Tattered Angels technique!  I love stamping with Glimmer Glaze!

Pour a little puddle on a non-stick craft sheet, roll your brayers into the puddle and load it with glaze, then roll the brayer onto your favorite stamp, and stamp onto the shipping tag!  Heat set.  Now get ready for the magic!  You can glimmer mist and chalkboard mist over the glaze and then wipe it off.  The Glimmer Glaze acts as a resist!!!  Isn’t that so cool?!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my studio and my favorite technique!

Thanks for stopping by today!