Three in a row…

I’ve had this idea for creating a fun gift for a while. I wanted to make my own “three-in-a-row game” using small stones, painted and covered with Glimmer Glam.

I started out with these stones. They are approximately 1,5 inch wide. The first thing I did was to paint them with several coats of gesso.

I then added some doodles…

When the pen was dry, I added Glimmer Glam in two different colours – Organic Garden and Caspian Sea.  I suggest that you try this on a piece of paper first, to make sure the pen doesn’t smear too much when the glam is added. I added two coats, to get the colourful result I wanted.

I then created the board for the game out of cardstock. I painted the cardstock with black matte acrylic paint and then drew lines using a white Sharpie Poster Paint pen. When everything was dry I sealed everything by painting it over with Glimmer Glam Chandelier. I love that this doesn’t only give the black surface a fantastic sparkling look, but that it also protects the surface. The same thing goes for the stones, the paint and doodles are protected by the sealing glam.

Now – it’s time to play! :)


I have also created a birthday card for my Dad. I used gesso and a stencil from Crafter’s Workshop for my background. When the gesso was dry I painted it with a light beige colour of acrylic paint and then with Glimmer Glam Espresso Bean. When it was partially dry I used a wet rug to rub some of the glam and paint away. The little wooden man was coloured with Glimmer Glaze Cowboy.

I hope you enjoyed my projects and that you’re being inspired by our ideas for gift giving this month!

Have a fabulous day and a wonderful weekend!



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  1. ANNA! oh, wow! the idea of a game and the way you made it… wow, blows me away!

  2. Louise says:

    Oooh how Awesome Anna :)