Quick & Easy Halloween Wrapping Paper

(To make the colours a little more brighter use the pure white art paper, I only had newsprint so they aren’t as shimmery as I would’ve liked)


First start off spraying a layer of your lightest orange colour. Anyone will work, personally I grabbed the colours from a previous Halloween kit. (Pumpkin Pie & Raven). Randomly spray all over.

Add some of the darker colour in. I didn’t saturate my paper. For two reasons: I knew I couldn’t do much blending with the newsprint and second these colours could get muddy fast. I really only want them to provide background colour.

Next take your Tattered Angels stamps and stamp all over the paper. Randomly again. I used the Colorbox ink. Quick Drying!

Here’s a closeup:

find the perfect box and wrap. It is the fine detailing like adding a Halloween Bingo card that finishes off the look.


Thanks for looking! Have a spooky day!

Leica Forrest