Color combination

Hi, everyone;-)!! This is Kaori here.

Today I would like to share my layout using “good affinity colors” . I made a layout with Red(pink),Yellow, and Orange. It is so-called “warm color”. It becomes the orange when you mix red and yellow. In this way, it go along well when you use the three colors togethr. As  similar examples, Yellow plus Blue is Green, Red plus Blue is Purple.

Here is my layout.

Tattrerd Angels Products

  Jingle Bells (Glimmer mist)
  Ivory (Plain Jane)
  Valentine Pink
  Candy Corn(Glimmer mist)
  Rodey(Plain Jane)

Because Black, White and Brown are neutral colors, there is not sense of incongruity even if you match it with any colors ;

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  1. amazing! so delicate!

  2. Love your take on the color combo..gorgeous LO!