Color your dreams

Hello again !

As you may know by now we have a new theme by Tattered Angels this month. This time it’s about color theory. What do you think of when you hear it? I imagined the color wheel - with the warm and the cold colors overlaping. This made me wanted to create a layout with this theme. And here it is:

and those of you who know me know that I almost never makes a layout without many details - so this is no exception - I think there will be plenty to look at in this as well :)   

some close up pictures for you to see…..

I know my sewing is not exactly right … or the prettiest :) (if my mother sees this as she probably shakes her head  …;))

 The Colors I have used on this one is:

* Chalkboard – Firefly

* Glimmermist – Sun Sisters

* Glimmermist – Candy Corn 

* Glimmermsit – Cross My Heart

* Glimmermist – Mels Dinner

* Glimmermsit – Rum Punch 

* Glimmermist – Cranberry Zing

* Plain Jane – Pink

* Chalkboard- Cotton Candy

* Glimmermist – Cupid

* Glimmermist – Mardi Gras

Hope you liked it – see you soon !

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  1. Lene, its fabulous!

  2. Hope Clark says:

    this is very interesting, i like it….