Gotta love texture paste!!

Hi there!

When I heard the theme for August was texture paste I was thrilled. I LOVE texture paste because I love texture. And texture paste is such an easy and fun way to add texture to all your projects!

In the past I have used Gesso for this purpose but since I discovered texture paste I really prefer that! Texture paste is less liquid which prevents it from going underneath the screens you use. it’s smooth and easy to work with and dries quite quickly, especially when you use a heatgun to speed up the drying a little :)

My first project is an art journal page. I started this page with putting a TA screen in the middle and cover the whole page with texture paste. Then I took the mask away and used a rubber stamp to create the “text” impressions around the screen image and let it all dry.

Then I sprayed the page with Mallard and Dragonfly. As you can see the color on the texture paste is lighter and more transparent than the color is on the paper, so even when you spray with only one color you get a nice contrast. When the page was dry I rubbed a teal ink pad over it which gave me the darker color on the higher parts.

The Prima resist canvas vines were sprayed with Key Lime Pie and Olive Vine.

The Spellbinder butterflies, the blue dots and the green edges were made with WOW! Embossing Powders.

The second project is a little canvas.

I first covered the canvas with cardstock tags and then added texture paste. In the left upper corner I used a Crafters Workshop screen. To create the dots I used Punchanella. I added just a very thin layer of texture paste. If you go over it with your finger you can hardly feel it. The reason you still see the dots is because the color dries lighter on the texture paste then it does on the paper underneath. This wasy you can create a nice subtle look.

Colors used here: Olive Vine, Cross my heart, Marmalade, Candy Corn, Mallard, Deep Plum, Black Cherry, Dragonfly, Sun Sisters.

The faded flowers come from my garden and I covered them with Organic Garden Glam, to color them but also to keep them from falling apart.

The garden wire was first covered with gesso and then lightly sprayed with Dragonfly. I used a white pen to create the dots in the background.

Thank you for stopping by here today! I hope my post inspired you to get some texture paste and play!

Happy misting!

Birgit Koopsen

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  1. Louise says:

    Love Love Love :)

  2. Vicki Chrisman says:

    Oh MY!!! STUNNING!

  3. Peg Hewitt says:

    WOW, your use of colour is exquisite!

  4. Holly says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!!