Embrace yourself

Hi there everyone !

Today I want to show you a new project of mine.

You probably know that glimmermist, chalkboard and glimmerglam can be used in different ways. This time I have enjoyed playing with all of them in some resist tecnique.

I have created a background using different papers and tapes. On top of that I have applied some gesso and some gel medium. I have also used some white rope from Canvas Corp – and with this one i did apply some glue and gel medium on some of it. So when I sprayed it with glimmermist, It came out with different shades of the colors that I used.

I also used a stencil with little holes on the background.

The colors I have used on this layout:

Glimmermist: Candy Corn, Cupid, Twinkle Yellow, Chalkboard: Firefly, Glimmerglam: Golden Goddess, Lady Bug

The other project I want to show you is how easy it is to make your own stencil…It was actually so easy that my youngest daughter did it ! This is what she did :




And the final result :

She used glimmermist Cupid and chalkboard Firefly on canvas from Canvas Corp.

Hope you liked it ! See you soon !

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  1. Louise says:

    Awesome awesome awesome!!!

  2. This is simply marvelous. The colors that you have used lend the photo a wonderful extra bit of “pop” on the entire layout. Gorgeous.