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  1. Jane Harrah says:

    Being a Jane and loving all things Jane, I would have to say I am a Plain Jane but there is nothing Plain about a Jane! Janes are special and wonderful people and they use special and wonderful Tattered Angels products to create!

  2. Karen Etter says:

    I am Glam and Glitter, the more bling the better..

  3. Marci says:

    I am definitely a Gabbie – can’t get enough of the glimmer and glam. Just took Stacey’s class on Sunday and purchased even more glimmer and glam.

  4. Cindy Lou says:

    Generally, the more glimmer and glam, the better, there are ocassions when less is better, but for the most part, let’s pour it on ;)

  5. Sally-Ann says:

    I am a Glimmer Gabbie that’s for sure – like a Magpie I love anything that shines or glitters.

  6. Sally-Ann says:

    Hi, me again. I have posted the Prize Opportunity on my blog (I have added this link too) and linked it with this comments page. BTW Glimmer Gabbie still rocks for me!

  7. Sammi says:

    I am all for glitter, gems, shimmer and shine. Therefore I am a Glimmer Gabbie. Fun name by the way.

  8. Lisa says:

    Glimmer Gabbie here… I love that shimmer and sparkle! =D

  9. Beatrice Cain says:

    GLITTER AND GLAM!!!! The more it sparkles and shines the more it blows my mind!!!! So mist it!! Spray it!! Glitter it on!!! There’s nothin’ wrong with being a Jane it’s just another way to express individuality!! So Flaunt-It… Janes!!! Glits…..are workin-it HARD!!!!!

  10. This is a tough one! But I have to go with Glimmer Gabbie…seems I love the glitter!

  11. Anita B says:

    I have to say i love a bit of glittery mist splashed on my layouts and flowers theirs nothing better then getting a little messy while creating and having fun doing what you love.. so yep I’m a Glimmer Gabbie for sure… hugs Anita..xx

  12. Patricia F. says:

    I guess I’d say glitter and glam- a little sparkle never hurts anyone! thanks for the chance!

  13. Jennifer Morales says:

    I am definately a Glitter and Glam girl!!! I luv to make things sparkle!!

  14. Cindy Norris says:

    I’m totally a Glimmer Gabbie! Can hardly WAIT to get my hands on these great products. :)

  15. Cindy Mark says:

    Just added you to my facebook page!

  16. Janet says:

    I am a glimmer gabbie for sure. I have to mist almost all my projects!

  17. Donna says:

    I\’m definitely a Glimmer Gabbie. My sister called me a Crow. I am attracted to anything shiney or sparklie.

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