Fabric flower

Hello angels! Here is something you can do with your kids and get a nice result at the same time and share prescious time with your little ones creating together. This is an easy project  and I’m sure you’ll enjoy doing it. It’s a fabric dimensional flower that can be used in different ways: a room decor, a gift bow…..or a lid for a tiny basket like I did. You will need just some  fabric and some glimmer mist.

You start with cutting some circles of the fabric. I used 8 circles for my flower but you can decide how fluffy your flower will be.

Spray the circles with the glimmer mist. I used Cadillac pink because I find it’s nice to use a brilliant color for the inside of the flower. Once the circles are dry place the circles one on the other.


Put them in a cone shape and tie firmly the end of it with some cord or wire. If you want you can cut the top of the cone off to obtain a more flat bottom of the flower.

Turn the flower and spread the fabric to create a nice shaped flower. Now take a darker Glimmer mist and a paintbrush and go along the ends of the circles/petals. In this way the fabric will soak in the Glimmer mist and create a nice dimensional flower effect.


You can proceed creating the flower with inserting in between the petals pieces of ribbon, some wire, pieces of veil, metal elements,… It’s really funny filling the flower and you can see how it’s becoming more and more intresting.  Place an important element in the centre of the flower and you have your multi-purpose flower!

Have fun creating with your kids!

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  1. Fabulous idea & design…such inspiration Jana!