Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

I still remember that email like it was yesterday. A beautiful soul sent me my own pair of wings because she believed in me. Saw the passion that I have and took the chance. Yes I have been fortunate to be on some amazing design teams and for that I am grateful. The Tattered Angels team was a dream; a fleeting hope; a fairytale…

To say that I am going to miss being a part of this team is an understatement and although my heart is a little bit bruised, I still hold the experience and the people I’ve met on this journey in such high regard. I’ve learned so much about me thanks to each and every member of this amazing team, the educators and Wendy herself.

Erika Taylor here today with my final post as an Angel and what better way to say thank you, than to lift a few of my favorites. So how does one pick just 3 projects to lift when this past year has been filled with AHA moments thanks to this design team? One doesn’t lol.

First off, a thank you to JJ, my fellow Canuck. This card of yours moved me to create an entire collection of these for a Christmas gift. You rock and I adore ya. PS, yup still think we are twins somehow…

My take and not the Christmas ones. They already have a new home…

Then there is that one person that every time you see something they create, you are moved. We all have someone like that right? Martha, You Move ME. Every single creation you share, speaks directly to my soul and for that alone I’m blessed to know ya. This canvas of Marthas I LOVE!!!

And my mini me canvas…

Now Peg, I love your style, your wit and your…. well YOU!!! This layout was one that I printed off the day you posted it. Knowing that I’d have to one day lift it and that day was yesterday. Isn’t this layout beautiful…

And my take using the canvas and Glimmer Mist

Now I know that is already 3, but I did create one last lift from a lady who blows my mind. She is the most gentle soul and always is right there to listen, give advice or cheer you on. If any of you ever have the chance to work with her, you will instantly adore her. Holly created this Paris box very early in our term, and I had to pay a “little” tribute to it.

I used the same technique on this little box but with purples and pinks instead.

So there ya have it. My tip of the hat to this team, the friends that I have made along the way and to everyone at Tattered Angels for believing in me. You will all stay close to my heart and I’m blessed to know each and every one of you.

For the final time here on the Tattered Angels blog


Erika Taylor

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  1. And I get to say…”I knew her when…”. Such a talented girl. I’ll be sure to watch what you are doing on your personal blog from now on.

  2. Nicole says:

    These are beautiful Erika. I know how you feel. I feel like my heart is bruised and I am bummed about not being on the team anymore but this was a dream for me and I am so happy I got the chance to design for one year with you fabulous ladies! Tattered Angels will always me my go to paints and mist so that will not change :)


  3. Nat Kalbach says:

    Your work does rock and is amazing. You will be missed !

  4. Erika you ROCK…great lifts, love your choices {tee-hee} and I will look forward to seeing your work, all over the web!!! xoxoxo

  5. Holly says:

    Erika! (you are going to make me cry – sniff sniff ;) You totally blow me away with your incredible art! I just can’t stop looking at that metal piece – wow! You always inspire me and I love visiting your blog. Huge Hugs!

  6. Peg Hewitt says:

    Omgosh Erika, I am speechless.
    Your work is divine and so inspiring, I am so grateful to have been on this team with you and the other girls for the past year, it is a time I will treasure!