Art journaling

Hello everybody, today it’s my turn to share some art journal pages with you. Although I don’t work in my art journal on a regular basis I really enjoy doing it! What I love most about it is that I can’t do anything wrong. After all, an art journal is to try out new techniques, to discover what works for you and what not, right?

For this first page I started with spraying the entire background with Firefly Chalkboard (one of my favorite colors right now, so happy and bright!) Then I sprayed quite some Marmalade glimmer mist at the top and lifted the journal up to let the mist run down the page. Look how the glimmer pooled together along the edges of the run down paint. How cool is that?!

I stamped on the top with a border from the architectural trims stamp set and the heart with Donna Downeys foam stamp. To create the little blue circles I stamped with Mermaid glimmer glam and the cap of a glimmer mist bottle. The printed text is adhered to the page by covering them with Mellow Yellow glimmer glaze. Finally I sprayed a couple of punched out hearts with Olive Vine, Rum Punch and Bahama Blue glimmer mist and stapled them on to the page.

The title you see on the left page says forbidden passions in Dutch and was the inspiration for this journal art page.

The second page was inspired by a fun thing that happened last weekend. I was teaching at a scrapbook store in Germany together with our own fabulous Nat Kalbach. We shared a little apartment and when I went to the bathroom I saw to my surprise that there was some kind of wooly fabric cover on the toilet seat. I remember that I had seen something like that before when I was just a little girl. My German aunt had it on the toilet seat too and then I thought it was cool but now I thought it was strange. So when I came out of the bathroom I asked Nat, who was already in bed, what the story was about the Germans and pussycats on the toilet seats and she jumped out of bed saying that she didn’t see a pussycat on the toilet seat and went to the bathroom to check it out. It was so funny to see her face, but you probably should have been there to understand how funny it actually was! Anyway, I felt like I had to make a page in my art journal about this incident so here it is:

BTW: Nat says this is a very old fashion German thing…. It’s not that SHE has a pussycat on her toilet seat…)

For this page I first covered the book paper with gesso and because of that I learned something I didn’t know yet. I found out that Glam, Glaze and Chalkboard work perfectly on gesso, but Glimmer Mist doesn’t. It somehow soaks in the mist, giving it a bit gray look. As if all the color is withdrawn from the paint. That’s what happened in the upper left corner and actually messed up my page. Anyway, like I said, art journals are to find out things like this, right?
Materials used on this page are Glimmer Glam Mermaid , Glimmer Glaze Orange Crush, Chalkboard Firefly and Glimmer Mist Marmalade . I also used a border from the architectural trims stamp set and used Glimmer Glaze Icicle to glue down my text strips.

Hope you enjoyed my pages and found some inspiration to work on your own!
Happy misting!

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  1. I love your pages…the color choice are so happy! Now let me tell you I’m laughing so hard about Nat & the pussycat…that may be the best journal page I have ever sen! HUMOR…ahhh!

  2. Love your page and Humor… hehe.

  3. Mandy C says:

    Fun pages Birgit, like the way you play with colour

  4. Nathalie says:

    LOL- I’m still laughing! I really thought I missed the cat on the toiletseat- LOL. Love your pages!!! Awesome colors and collage work.

  5. Patricia K. says:

    so funny! love the re-use of the book and the colors are fabulous!

  6. Vicki Chrisman says:


  7. cuchy says:

    haha so funny! My mother used to have also a cover like that on the toilet. And she is Spanish :)
    Love how colourful are your pages.

  8. Holly Simoni says:

    Wow! I love those art journal pages with all the bright colors!!! You have a great way of blending one color to the next. Fabulous!